Lean Product and Process Development, 2nd Edition

by Allen C. Ward and Durward K. Sobek II.

Despite attempts to interpret and apply lean product development techniques, companies still struggle with design quality problems, long lead times, and high development costs. To be successful, lean product development must go beyond techniques, technologies, conventional concurrent engineering methods, standardized engineering work, and heavyweight project managers. Allen Ward showed the way.

In the groundbreaking first edition of Lean Product and Process Development, Ward delivered a comprehensive view of lean principles for developing and sustaining product and process development. In this 2nd edition, Durward Sobek, professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Montana State University, reorganizes the text to make it more accessible and actionable. This edition includes 5 new cases studies, new examples and illustrations, updated concepts and tools based on new research, and an expanded discussion of set-based concurrent engineering.


The Toyota Product Development System

by Jim Morgan and Jeff Liker

The ability to bring new and innovative products to market rapidly is the prime critical competence for any successful consumer-driven company. All industries, especially automotive, are slashing product development lead times in the current hyper-competitive marketplace. This book is the first to thoroughly examine and analyze the truly effective product development methodology that has made Toyota the most forward-thinking company in the automotive industry.



Lean Product Development: Delivering New Products Faster and Better

screenMany companies apply lean thinking to manufacturing or service processes. Some have experience big performance gains through standardization, elimination of waste, and problem-solving. But applying lean principles to Product Development requires a different mindset and approach. Manufacturing (and some service value streams) are transactional; they can be managed through standard tools and principles. Product Development is about creating knowledge and requires different skills.

Lean Upstream

New products and services are the lifeblood of most companies. Without new products, existing offerings become stale or obsolete as markets shift, customer needs or tastes change, and competitors appear. If products aren’t renewed, you don’t survive. No amount of shop floor kaizen can change that. Plus, the greatest opportunity to create value for customers is in the early stages of the product lifecycle – the design and development of the product and the processes required to produce it – before it reaches the production floor. This one-day interactive session is designed to give you critical insight into applying lean thinking upstream in the product lifecycle. Learn how to grow teams of responsible experts and entrepreneurial system designers, all working together revitalize your product development system and your company.