The Business Need

  • Companies struggle with product innovation that solves real customer problems while achieving financial targets and developing employee capability
  • Product lifecycles are shortening dramatically, hence the need to develop sustainable systems to consistently deliver profitable products
  • Almost 80% of product costs are committed in product development thereby making it a high leverage opportunity to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage

How it Works

LPPD groupThe LPPD Learning Group, an initiative within LEI Co-Learning Partners program , is a collaboration between the Lean Enterprise Institute and partner companies that are interested in transforming their product development systems. These high performing, non-competing organizations from diverse industries learn together how to better understand customer needs, effective design and development of products, and creation of strong PD management systems.

The LPPD Learning Group model enables companies to ‘learn how to learn’ with regard to all issues of product and process development. In addition to receiving on-site coaching and targeted training from Jim Morgan (Senior Advisor for LPPD at LEI) and other senior coaches, partner companies learn from and with each other through in-depth benchmarking and joint improvement projects.

LPPD Partner Companies

Honda RD Americas Logo.jpg


Topics of Interest

  • Better product concept exploration and design
  • Early integration of product development with manufacturing processes
  • Improve Product Portfolio Management
  • Develop PD management systems and technical competency
  • Improve PD engagement with suppliers and manufacturing
  • Better integration between product hardware and software
  • Craftsmanship as a product differentiator

Accelerate Your Learning

For more information on how to join, contact Deborah McGee at